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Play a Part in Play

We all want the best for our children. One way to ensure that they are developing to their full potential is to encourage them to play. Scientific research has shown that playtime stimulates children’s brains and helps them develop essential skills. By allowing them to express their creativity and use their imaginations, we are helping them build healthy brain architecture.

It’s also important for you to play with your children! Get down on the floor and become a part of their world for a while. Playing helps build warm relationships and strong attachments among families. Playtime with adults encourages vocabulary development and communication skills, so that children can better express their thoughts and feelings. They will learn social interaction, like how to take turns and share. And your children will feel important, which builds self-worth and confidence. Most importantly, shared playtime can be fun! Find out how much you can learn from your children, take a break from the stress of everyday life, and know that you are investing in your children’s future.

Pinwheels for Prevention Activities for Families to do Together

Coloring Sheets

Berenstain Bears®  Sister With Pinwheel

Berenstain Bears® Brother & Sister With Pinwheels

Berenstain Bears® Family With Pinwheels


Crafts and Activities

Make Your Own Pinwheel


Research and Articles

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e! Science News: Play with your kid, for their mental health's sake

ABC News: Dads Roughousing With Children Crucial for Development


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