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YOU CAN #BeAConnection, especially North Carolina’s Faith Communities, especially now!

Connections Matter in Faith and Prevention

Did you know when we support and connect with one another we are providing hope and key protective factors that help prevent child abuse and neglect?  Our North Carolina Faith Communities often provide these protective factors to their families, congregants, and communities without even knowing that by doing what you do best, you are improving the health and well-being for those you serve.  Science shows that the positive connections we make not only improves the health of our biology and brain development, but they are essential in reducing the effects of stress and trauma which is at the heart of prevention.

Please consider joining PCANC and NC Faith Communities across the state in raising awareness how connections matter in making prevention of child maltreatment a priority.

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YOU CAN #BeAConnection

Prevention happens in Partnership and it begins with YOU!  

Why our faith communities? 

You are making prevention a priority by supporting and connecting with your families and communities.  PCANC wants to provide you with WHY what you do is so important and the science behind it, HOW we can partner with you and WHAT tools, resources, supports and connections we can provide you to make prevention a priority on North Carolina’s Faith Communities. 

How can my Congregation Be a Connections Matter Congregation?  

It’s simple!  Choose two priorities from the flyer below that resonate most with your congregation and put it into action.  Want ideas?  Discover ways Connections Matter pilot congregations across the state are making prevention a priority through Connections that Matter!

Executive Order 13831

Faith-based and community organizations have tremendous ability to serve individuals, families, and communities through means that are different from those of government and with capacity that often exceeds that of government. These organizations lift people up, keep families strong, and solve problems at the local level.