PCANC Releases FY2022-2023 Annual Report - Building Hope: Nurturing Positive Childhoods in North Carolina, Together | Prevent Child Abuse NC

By: Kris Demers-O’Brien, Director of Communications and Marketing

At the heart of Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina’s (PCANC) mission is the belief that every child deserves to grow up in safe, stable, and nurturing families and communities. We are all responsible for making this vision a reality. That’s why we collaborate with organizations, businesses, community groups, faith communities, and individuals like you to advocate for policies that put children and families first.

Inside the Annual Report – Building Hope: Nurturing Positive Childhoods in North Carolina, Together – you’ll find inspiring stories of progress, concrete strategies that nurture positive childhoods, and the profound impact our programs have had on families across North Carolina.

The report also highlights the importance of data-driven approaches to enhance the capacities of professionals, agencies and partners in effectively promoting the Protective Factors in communities across the state.

In this report, we delve further into:

  • The Biennial Learning and Leadership Summit
  • Evolution of the North Carolina Family Resource Center Network
  • Coaching support and professional development opportunities offered by our Capacity Building Team and Communications and Marketing Teams
  • Policies that are grounded in the Protective Factors and put children and families first
  • Individuals who are passionate about supporting and advancing this work throughout the year

We invite you to dive into the report to read the stories of how we work in partnership to build supportive communities that strengthen families. Its pages are filled with hope, resilience, and stories of triumph. Together, let’s celebrate our achievements and continue working towards a future where every child can thrive.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to nurturing positive childhoods in North Carolina. We couldn’t do this life-changing work without you.

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