Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina Announces Rebranding to Positive Childhood Alliance North Carolina

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina Announces Rebranding to Positive Childhood Alliance North Carolina

Positive Childhood Alliance NC New LogoMorrisville, N.C. (March 18, 2024) — Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, a leader in child and family advocacy, announces its rebranding to Positive Childhood Alliance North Carolina (PCANC). This strategic decision is the result of the organization’s evolution and feedback from partners, supported organizations and community members.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new identity as Positive Childhood Alliance NC,” said Sharon Hirsch, PCANC President & CEO. “This rebranding reflects our ongoing commitment to nurturing positive childhoods for all by strengthening North Carolina families and the communities they live in. It underscores our dedication to inclusivity and emphasizes our proactive approach towards child and family advocacy.”

PCANC has continuously adapted and improved its approach to child and family advocacy over the past 45 years. The new brand better captures the organization’s positive, forward-looking, and inclusive spirit. Additionally, feedback from partners and supporters revealed the need for clarity around how PCANC achieves its mission. It became evident that a clearer brand identity was essential to better represent our organization’s unique role in connecting organizations and individuals with what they need to help children and families meet their full potential.

“Our new name reflects several fundamental aspects of our mission,” added Hirsch. “The ‘Positive Childhood’ component highlights the joy inherent in our work, ensuring children have the support and resources needed for happy, healthy childhoods. ‘Alliance’ underscores our collaborative approach, working alongside partners and communities to effect change. ‘North Carolina’ serves as a reminder of our commitment to the statewide community we serve.”

PCANC remains dedicated to its role working alongside partners, families and communities to build and share solutions that ultimately strengthen families, leading to more positive childhoods. The organization achieves this by offering data-driven coaching and professional development opportunities for prevention professionals and advocates; building a better understanding of what families need; and advocating for policies that prioritize all children and families, especially those left behind.

While this rebranding signifies a commitment focused on achieving more positive experiences for both children and adults, many families and communities experience an overload of stress that can lead to health and social inequities. We also acknowledge that no single nonprofit, government agency, foundation, nor community leader can address the structural and social determinants of health and wellbeing alone, it’s imperative for all stakeholders—from business leaders to policymakers to community advocates—to work together in partnership.

“We have an opportunity and collective aspiration to boldly challenge the status quo as we work together to create a North Carolina where all families and communities are connected to the supports and services they need, when they need them,” Hirsch Said. “It’s up to all of us to help give our children the stable environments, positive experiences and nurturing connections they deserve.”

As Positive Childhood Alliance NC embarks on this new chapter, it invites partners, supporters, and community members to learn how to get involved in creating a brighter future for North Carolina’s children and families.

For more information about Positive Childhood Alliance NC and its initiatives, please visit or contact Kris Demers-O’Brien, Director of Communications and Marketing.

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