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Tools and resources for professionals who work with fathers and for anyone interested in learning more about the importance of fathers in children’s lives.

Check out resources from the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse for materials and resources for fathers, practitioners, interested in supporting strong fathers and families.

North Carolina Resources and Leadership

NC Fatherhood Development Advisory Council (NCFDAC)

NCFDAC is an independent statewide network of practitioners committed to serving as a resource for fathers and families across the state, promoting and hosting statewide symposiums relative to responsible fatherhood, advocacy of fathers’ rights, and more, connecting organizations with similar goals for greater impact, and raising awareness of fatherhood issues (male literacy, job placement, court judicial practices, and more).


NC Fatherhood Development Advisory Council
PO Box 26631, Raleigh NC 27611

Tools for Agencies

  • Organizational Father-Friendly Assessment – A tool to help you assess the degree to which your organization’s operations encourage father involvement in the activities and programs offered by your organization. It will also encourage you to examine your own attitudes about enhancing the operations of your organization to meet the growing needs of fathers and their families.
  • Civitas: The Institute for a Study of Civil Society: How Do Fathers Fit in? – Fact sheets about the importance of fathers and the role they play in children’s development
  • Minnesota Fathers & Families Network – Provides fact sheets and publications that can be downloaded or purchased and shared with fathers
  • Texas A & M Cooperative Extension – Offers learning opportunities and activities that enable fathers, prospective fathers, and grandfathers to improve their knowledge, parenting practices, and caregiving skills
  • New CDC Father Involvement Report – National Health Statistics Report, Fathers’ Involvement With Their Children: United States, 2006 – 2010 released on December 20, 2013. The report shows fathers’ involvement has increased slightly since the government first asked in 2002, and overall, almost 90 percent of dads said they thought they were doing at least a good job of fathering.

Training for Agencies

  • FRIENDS National Resource Center: Effectively Engaging Fathers – Erik Vecere from the National Fatherhood Initiative provides an overview of the shift towards this “balanced parenting” approach in this webinar that focuses on moving beyond separate “fatherhood” programs to broader inclusion of fathers in all programs. He provides strategies and programs that Community-based Child Abuse Prevention State Leads (CBCAP/SLA) and their grantees can consider funding/using.
  • National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) – Training Institutes include best practices for marketing and evaluating your program and strategies for both seasoned facilitators and new facilitators.
  • National Family Preservation Network – Basic Fatherhood Training Curriculum available at a small fee to anyone interested in engaging fathers in the lives of their children.
  • National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) – a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1994 to reverse our nation’s destructive trend towards father absence. NFI’s mission is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children with involved, responsible, and committed fathers in their lives. Provide resources for providers and fathers.
  • National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) – an Office of Family Assistance (OFA) funded national resource for fathers, practitioners, programs/Federal grantees, states, and the public at-large who are serving or interested in supporting strong fathers and families.
  • National Center for Fathering – provides resources to inspire and equip fathers, grandfathers and father figures to be actively engaged in the life of every child.
  • Fatherhood Research and Practice Network – a five year national project funded through the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children and Families, Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation. Its goals are to promote rigorous evaluation of fatherhood programs that serve low-income families; expand the number of researchers and practitioners collaborating to evaluate fatherhood programs; and disseminate information that leads to effective fatherhood practice.

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