By: Sharon Hirsch, Prevent Child Abuse NC President & CEO

August 15, 2007 feels like a lifetime ago, but it’s the first day Ginny Liverance began working for Prevent Child Abuse NC as our Administrative Assistant.  Since that time, Ginny has been the person who greets you on the phone, answers our general emails keeps all of our operations running smoothly and helps to support our Board.  From meeting logistics and drafting minutes, to making sure we have our supplies, Ginny has made it easier for the rest of our team to focus on training, coaching, raising awareness, evaluating our work, and advocating for North Carolina’s children and families.

When I came to PCANC in 2015, I had an immediate connection to Ginny – we were both raised in New Jersey and, at different times, had both worked for the NC Association of County Directors of Social Services earlier in our careers. Her easy smile, her calm demeanor, and her kindness to all shine through.  Plus, she is our “organizational memory” on all things PCANC.

Most of all, Ginny has earned her nickname among our staff as “Eagle Eyes” because of her impeccable proofreading skills! She catches it all and makes us look good all the time. Whether it is taking minutes, assembling Board meeting packets, planning for our holiday celebrations, or packing Pinwheels for Prevention® to ship to our partners, Ginny’s attention to detail consistently sets the tone.

This summer, Ginny began a gradual move toward retirement with a gradual transition to working part-time. On Thursday, July 15, current and former staff, board, and colleagues got together to throw our beloved Administrative Assistant a surprise party to celebrate her 13+ years of service to PCANC.

Wednesday, December 22 will be a bittersweet day for PCANC, as we prepare to close our office until the new year and prepare for holiday celebrations with family and friends, Ginny will wrap up her last official day as a PCANC employee after nearly 14 years of dedication and service to North Carolina’s children and families. She will be spending more time with her two gorgeous grandchildren, being one of their safe, stable, nurturing connections and making a difference in their lives.

Ginny, you will be missed – and you have made an invaluable impact. We’re grateful to have had you on the PCANC team and wish you much rest and joy in your retirement!

Watch the Ginny’s retirement slideshow we compiled with photos of Ginny through the years and contributions from current and former board, staff, and colleagues.